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How to Find the Right Country Dating Sites

There are literally hundreds of singles sites that category to distinct groups of people. One type of dating site that has gotten popular over the last few years has been aimed at Cowboys, Cowgirls, Country Westerners, Ranchers, Farmers and Horse Lovers. Doing a quick search on google for country dating will give you over 109,000 pages that all focus on this niche aspect of online dating.

Country Couple
Country Dating Sites connect thousands of western men and women every year.

The benefits of online dating to westerners are considerable. Each month almost 20 million people will visit and sign up for online singles services with a significant percentage of these catering to Cowboys and Cowgirls. Country dating sites offer convenient ways for people in remote areas such as on farms and ranches to connect with others around the world. A man on a ranch in Texas can login to a western dating site and chat with a girl in Wyoming logging in from her favorite coffee shop.

Most country dating sites focus on different types of singles so this site will break down the different websites available to each of them and allow you to choose the ones that best suit your needs and interests.

Country Western Dating Categories

Western dating sites may be divided into the following searchable categories:

Cowboys and Cowgirls

Cowboys and cowgirls make up the majority of the country dating population. There are dozens of sites online boasting they are homes to 'Cowboy & Cowgirl Communities' and a lot of them deliver on what they promise. We thoroughly review the major dating sites targeting these folks in our Cowboy and Cowgirl sections.

Country Westerners

The second largest subset of Country Dating participants are Country Westerners. These are usually folks living in the Mid-West that are looking for other locals to meet and connect with - and who also share their interests. This may also include country music enthusiasts or just folks that love the Western lifestyle and are looking for a mate to live that life with.

Rodeo, Bullriding, and 4H

Many people get involved with the country lifestyle because they enjoy some of the extreme sports and activities that it has to offer. These include bull-riding, rodeo, 4-H, roping, barrel racing, steer wrestling, and more. These extreme athletes also need to date and find love and can often be found frequenting their own breed of country datin sites.

Farmers and Ranchers

The final country niche that we cover is the one aimed at farmers and ranchers. These sites are generally a little more mellow and tend to draw an older crowd who are looking for more longterm and serious relationships. Sites such as are a great example of sites targeting these people.